RembrandtI have artist heroes, one of which is Rembrandt Van Rijn.  I love this image of him, because it makes me think that perhaps he found surprise in unexpected places.  He may even have been the surprise himself.  When he drew this self-portrait he did not yet know of the tragedies that would be coming his way.  Even if he’d have know, I think he would have remained true to his calling.

He’s my hero because he painted amazingly well, painted often and even in the midst of all.

Shelley in 1992 - self portrait

The self-portrait sketch of Rembrandt brings to mind one I did of myself (the only one ever done – so far).

Oh, my.  I’d forgotten all of that.  Mr. Rembrandt, see what you’ve gone and done?  Now I’m a bit sleepy.    Perhaps a little nap is in order.


BVA Film Festival, 2008 – Best of Show, Gold in Wedding and Unscripted Categories, Silver in PSA Category

BVA Film Festival, 2010 – Silver Award in Wedding Highlight Category and Bronze Award in Concept Video Category.

Southern Maryland Film Festival, 2015 – First Place for Documentary (The Dinner Movie)