Website Development

A new area of service for Log Cabin Studios is website development.  We specifically work with WordPress sites.  Many business owners and organizations try to keep costs down by having staff and volunteers within the company set up and maintain their website.  This can be the perfect solution sometimes, but not always.  If you’re on the “not always” side we can help you by giving your current site a fresh new look.

If you don’t have a site yet, we can help you with that as well.

There are two options for our services.  We can set up your site and maintain it for you.  Our cost is $150 for the website initial setup and $15 per hour for maintenance and updates, depending on your organization or business needs.  The second option is a set up fee of $150 and then you take it from there.

Below are some of the sites that we have set up and currently maintain.

North End Gallery – Art Gallery

Corn Crib Studio – Artist

Portraits By Shelley – Artist

Log Cabin Studios – yours truly

The Dinner Movie – Documentary

Creative Marylanders – General Creativity

Corn Crib Publishing – Book Publisher

Carmelo Ciancio – Artist

Sarah Houde Pottery – Potter

Breton Bay Publishing – Book Publisher (new site, early stage)

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